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FredericksBroken doors, paint peeled off from pots, squeaky stairs and random furniture thrown together- these are all the signs of a neglected house. Recognize any of these from your own home? Then it may be time for a home improvement! No matter how big or small, old or new, a house always needs work on it to keep it looking great. From buying new furniture to repainting the walls, there is so much you can to do lift up a house. And of course, some times you need to do small repairs, such as fixing an appliance that doesn’t work or rebooting a garage door. At Get Sulky, we love making home improvements! And whether you love or hate repairs, we have got some great tips and suggestions for you. Calling in a professional to do repairs or renovations can often be expensive, time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. With Get Sulky, you can find out how to do everything to look after your home yourself. From building a shed in your garden to re-doing a bathroom, there is nothing you won’t be able to do yourself if you follow our advice.

I’m Fredericks Rippert and as a home repairs beginner, I was scared and confused because home improvement seems to much to take on. So much work (and money) is involved that you can’t afford to make a mistake, but because I was on my own, I did. With Get Sulky, you don’t need to worry anymore because we have some great resources to help you get started and continue to maintain a beautiful home.